To whom for a loan

Polish law says that loans can be granted only by banks, as well as branches of foreign banks and credit institutions. The loan will also be granted to us by Good Finance and another organizational unit that has the appropriate permissions to do so.

Who can grant loans

The party that dominates in the credit relationship is the entity that grants the loan. It determines on what conditions the loan will be granted, and also has the right to control whether the loan has been used correctly. The other party to the loan agreement is the borrower.

This is the person who applies for a loan at the bank. The bank lends money to that person under certain conditions. The borrower undertakes to repay the loan, including the commission and interest charged by the bank. The bank may refuse to grant a loan if it considers that the borrower is not trustworthy or does not have sufficient creditworthiness.

What forms of loan collateral do we have?

What forms of loan collateral do we have?

A loan can have two types of collateral. One form of loan collateral is personal form, while the other form is material. In the case of personal forms of loan collateral, we have a surety, blank promissory note, promissory note, bank guarantee, loan insurance, transfer of receivables, in other words assignment and joining the debt.

A surety is a form of loan collateral in which a third party undertakes to repay the loan with interest if the borrower fails to do so on time. A blank promissory note, however, gives banks the option of enforcing claims from borrowers. The bank may complete such a promissory note if the borrower ceases to repay the loan.

In the case of tangible forms of credit collateral


One can mention, inter alia, a pledge on something or on some law.

A tangible form of collateral for the loan is also the blocking of funds on the bank account and the deposit, which requires the signing of a written contract. Security in kind is also the entry of a mortgage in the property and transfer of ownership as security.

The mortgage is a security on real estate with a land and mortgage register. It is in the land and mortgage register that the mortgage is entered. Check out good loans calculator – – and choose the cheapest offer.

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