Loan for the fridge. How to choose What to consider when choosing?

Everyone who has their own apartment knows that they will not avoid certain expenses. We are talking here about the purchase of furniture and household appliances. The need to purchase new household appliances is most often caused by their failure or simply wear.

In addition, the cost of repairing such a damaged device is often equal to the purchase price of a new one. Many people face a dilemma; to repair or buy new? In this case, it seems that the most reasonable solution is to buy new equipment.

Especially when it comes to such an important element of home kitchen equipment as a fridge. Where to get money to buy a fridge? Is a loan for a fridge a good option? What to look for when choosing a fridge?

What to look for when choosing a fridge?

What to look for when choosing a fridge?

Product Manager notes that this approach to the topic of buying a new fridge may be wrong: Statistics show that when buying a refrigerator or fridge-freezer, most often we are guided by the appearance and price. What we can assess is the solidity of the structure and the appearance of the device. However, I think that this is not quite the right way, because refrigeration devices, contrary to appearances, differ technologically very much. In refrigeration, the most important thing is what you can’t see.

To make it easier to find a fridge that meets our expectations, it is worth slightly narrowing the search area. 

Here is a list of items to look out for when choosing a fridge:

  • type of fridge
  • energy class
  • capacity
  • aggregate
  • volume during work
  • design (fridge appearance)
  • additional functions
  • with or without freezer

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Type of fridge

Type of fridge

Manufacturers of refrigerators offer a lot of types and types of equipment that differs from each other not only in appearance and dimensions, but above all in the functions used.

Basic types of refrigerators:

  • Free-standing single-door refrigerators
  • freestanding fridge freezers (two-door)
  • French Door type refrigerators – such a fridge is equipped with a double door and a separate lower freezer in the form of a drawer or a regular space with separate doors. This is one of the more expensive types of refrigerators, whose prices start from PLN 4,000
  • Multi Door refrigerators (three-door or four-door)
  • Side-by-side refrigerators, also called American refrigerators, are large two-door refrigerators with two compartments. Division into chambers allows to limit the loss of cool air when opening the door and to separate zones intended for specific purposes
  • Built-in refrigerators (usually smaller than free-standing models)

The energy class of the fridge, or how much electricity the fridge “pulls”

The energy class of the fridge, or how much electricity the fridge "pulls"

The energy class of home appliances is determined by the letters of the alphabet from A to G. In the case of refrigerators, the most popular and common models have one of the three highest energy classes: A +, A ++ or A +++. Equipment marked with A +++ consumes the least energy. In the long run, choosing an energy-efficient fridge can significantly reduce your electricity bill.

That is why it is worth paying attention to the energy class of the refrigerator. For example, a refrigerator with the A +++ designation consumes less than 200 kWh per year, while similar equipment with the energy class A + already almost 300 kWh per year. However, the difference between the A + and A ++ classes is small and amounts to several kWh per year. Today, refrigerators with the energy class A +++ are widely available on our market.

The capacity of the fridge

The energy card of the devices indicates the capacity separately for the fridge and freezer. The capacity of the device is directly related to its size. The smaller the fridge, the smaller the capacity, and vice versa – the larger the fridge, the larger the capacity. MichaƂ Pachlewski argues: Both the size of the fridge, and what is associated with its capacity, has a direct impact on energy consumption, so it is important to choose the fridge to suit the needs of the farm.

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