Mortgage loan for USD 100,000.

We are looking for the best mortgage in the amount of USD 100,000. We want to spread it over a repayment period of 15 years. High rankings are occupied by a mortgage at Good Finance Śląski, a mortgage at Bank Loan and Credit and a Loan and Credit mortgage offered by E-Money.

A mortgage at Good Finance Śląski can be drawn from USD 70,000 with a repayment period of one year to a maximum of thirty-five years. The loan interest rate is 3.62% per annum and it is the nominal interest rate. The APRC’s actual interest rate is 3.68% per annum.

The bank gave up the calculation

The commission for granting the obligation. For a loan of USD 100,000 with a repayment period of 15 years, monthly installments will be USD 721 each. This gives us the total cost of credit in the amount of USD 29 743 and in total it will be the total amount of interest repaid.

The 3M WIBOR rate in this offer is 1.72%. As for the minimum own contribution here it must be 20% of the borrowed amount. Credit insurance or low down payment insurance in this offer is not required by the bank.

A mortgage at Bank Loan and Credit can be raised from a minimum of USD 20,000. The repayment period over which this commitment can be made is six to thirty-six years.

The nominal interest rate

Offered by the bank under this offer is 4.22% per annum. The bank charges nothing for commission. APRC is 4.30% per annum. For our loan amount, monthly installments will be USD 751. The loan will cost USD 35,137 in total and will be the amount of interest paid back.

The 3M WIBOR rate is 1.72%. The borrower must make an own contribution of 10% of the borrowed amount. Neither life insurance nor credit or low contribution insurance is required.

The “Loan and Credit” mortgage loan

In E-Money has no limitations as to the available loan amount or available repayment periods. The nominal interest rate here is 4.89% per annum. Credit costs do not include 2% of the commission fee for the bank. APRC is 5.32% per annum.

This is the actual interest rate, i.e. the total cost of the liability. Installments for our loan amount will be USD 785. The commitment will cost the borrower USD 43,314.

The amount of interest repaid will be USD 41,314. The WIBOR 6M rate is 1.79%. The minimum own contribution must be 10% of the mortgage amount.

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