Who drives a debt spiral?

Is it easy to get a loan at Good Credit? Much easier than trying to convince customers. Read the story of Dominica, who experienced the mechanisms prevailing in Good Credit on her own skin. Dominika had a bad credit history at BIK and a debt collector.

My life was a continuous series of failures. Finally, I ended up alone with a child, without a job, without an apartment, with debts after a closed soap store. Which was difficult because I don’t have a flat and I’m forced to rent some cubicles.

I closed the company, but I didn’t work anywhere. Firstly, because everything would have been taken by a bailiff (or rather many bailiffs, including those working for the tax office), and the amount free from attachment would not be enough to rent a flat and live. Secondly, my daughter was often sick, how was I supposed to get anywhere knowing that I would still not be at work?

I decided to work black. For a moment it was even good, I had cool assignments for various jobs that I could do from home. This, plus alimony, allowed me to survive, but I also had my secret weapon. Viz

Receipt of loan …

Receipt of loan ...

How did I get a loan at Good Credit, with a bailiff and a bad story at BIK?

When I was closing the company, I asked my mother for a favor: I wanted to open an account in her name in order to receive alimony and other payments from clients.

After a short time, proposals began to appear in the Good Credit online system. I took advantage of it, and when filling out the application as my mother, I honestly gave the amount of her pension – so that they would not charge her for falsification.

My mother’s pension at that time was less than 650 USD. Don’t ask me how it’s possible, I don’t understand it either, now after a few years her retirement is barely reaching 700 USD. I think the disability pension she was in before she retired, probably contributed.

The bank sends me a proposal quite regularly. There were very funny stories. For example, I received a proposal to increase the debit by 15,000. I filled out the application only 10,000 and of course I got it (that is, my mother got 700 USD with retirement). After some time I realized that it was a mistake, I could take the whole 15,000. I voluntarily filled out the next 5,000 application and was rejected due to INSUFFICIENT INCOME. On the one hand, I was furious, but on the other hand, I couldn’t help laughing

The crisis has come

The crisis has come

About a year ago, my principal client, thanks to whom I could live, withdrew. I was hoping to find a new one soon because it was 95% of my income. Unfortunately, time went by, and it didn’t happen. Maybe that’s why, fighting depression, I had no more strength to fight for orders. I sat quietly for someone to find me.

There was no tragedy, I finally had a nice overdraft. Unfortunately, at that moment I had (i.e. my mother had) 2 cash loans, which together gave about 900 USD a month.

After 2-3 months, another loan offer appeared at Good Credit. Increased limit significantly. Hurray!

A month later, a cash loan offer of several thousand appeared.

You definitely know this wonderful feeling when you see a positive balance on your account – even if it’s just the amount of overdraft to use. I was just flying. My life was a real rollercoster – once totally high, once down so that nothing but howling at the moon.

What is my loan at Good Credit currently?

What is my loan at Good Credit currently?

My debt is currently almost USD 80,000, each time I honestly entered the amount of USD 700 as income (and of course I also entered the cost of living, which means there was practically no free amount).

Installments of all loans, including interest on the overdraft, are almost USD 1,500 per month.

This prompted me – despite defending my arms and legs – to submit a 500+ application. I am not proud of myself, because I am against such help for families, but I thought that for years I paid the state a lot of money, and did not use any help, it’s time to get something back.

Child support plus 500+ is sufficient to cover the installments. I feel like shit, everything that belongs to my child goes to credit installments.

What i live on

I sell my old things, I catch small jobs. Since December I have been on the course FOR A YEAR WITHOUT DEBT and I see a tiny light in the tunnel, because I am finally starting to believe that I have more opportunities to earn money than I thought.

I will not hide, however, that I check the system every day to see if there is a loan offer at Good Credit for me. It’s addicting. It is pathetic, but I need success so badly that I consider this offer to be my victory.

I am of the opinion that I am guilty of myself, that my situation is the result of my decisions.

However, I also blame the banking machine. Bankers pretend not to grant loans to people who have no creditworthiness. Nonsense.

It’s good that my barely ending mother doesn’t know how I indebted her. She cries on my phone more than once, how tragic her situation is, I try to send her small amounts sometimes – after all, she owes her something from her loans.

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